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Iași needed a brand identity that would fix the decades old perception of a stagnating and poor city that cemented its own worth exclusively through its historical achievements and personalities. To show that it became a modern city, with huge economic growth, social life and opportunities, where people are the most valuable assets.

When designing the identity, we had to think of everything.

From memorabilia that would be sold to tourists, to how the identity would serve its purpose in public transport and touristic infrastructure. We designed guidelines for a new wayfinding system and signage for local institutions. 

A custom icon set for signage was created. All the icons follow the visual style of the logo and they were designed on the same grid.

We also designed a custom typeface to be used on posters for short headlines, Iași Display. 

The logo was also constructed to be easily manufactured in any material (wood, metal, glass and plastic) and as urban furniture and art installations. We wanted it to stand on the ground on its own, without any props. The approach is meant to give the identity a holistic opportunity to be displayed in contexts that are functional and add value to people and the city life.

We took the brand in the digital space by designing and implementing the city’s official website, a place where the creators of Iași can write guides for tourists to show the city through the eyes and hearts of locals.

We also designed the brand manual as a website, to get rid of the unfriendly pdf that is non-responsive. This way we can update the guidelines without losing track of file versions and we can easily update it with new resources.

We created the city’s first online platform for professionals in the creative industries, to promote them and help them get to know each other.

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